Dominique is an outrageous girl who doesn't take no for an answer! She knows crazy kungfu and has no mercy this is Dominique

Meet Dominique she is a fearless teenager with no mercy and no respect. She is mixed with the Greeks but doesn't call herself mixed she says BLIXED. Dominque always takes chances but there is one little secret she has and it is Huge!


Dominique always lived the good life. She does horrible in school her mom is a famous movie star who is often travels a lot living her with her other two sisters. Domino loved to skateboard and play football even though she is a girl. She is always a trouble maker and loves to annoy her boyfriend Warren. 


She never considers herself equal with others. Domino never calls herself a tomboy she is a tomgirl. Never make her angry because she will not pay your hospital bills or the hooked up life support installment. All she wants from life is to have fun! She and her best friends D.J, Ariana, and A.J.. Whatever life has to offer to Domino she would take it no matter how risky it is! She is a true best friend an d tells you her honest feeling about you but I never said it was good ones.

Partyings and Prison RecordsEdit

Dominique and A.J. love partying. They bring the house down once Dominique plays her boom box. The parties get so big they take it outside to the world. They get drunk and get kicked out and banned from all bars. They go streaking at night and go skinny dipping in the lake all in one night! They always wake up in a high school or in a tree. Dominique has 27 prison records. She has been caught streaking and always got arrested for it. But in all Dominque has 43 prison records. 8 for D.U.I. 6 for trying to run away from the cops. And 2 for shooting accidents. Domino is so well known in jail that whenever she goes there everybody welcomes her back! Domino even know all 67,000 prison women names!

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