Girl with red hair by igolochka

Ariana is a red head girl gamer. She is obsessed with games she now owns the Ps4 and the Xbox one

Ariana loves to play video games. She owns Xbox one, Xbox360, Play station 1,2,3, and 4. She owns every single game the world has to offer. She holds the world record of the world cup fifa soccer game. Ariana never has time to please her boyfriend but she doesn't care all that matters to her is her video games.


Ariana was part of the richest families in the world but she hated it. She hated how everyone worshiped her and her family. All she ever wanted was to be an average girl. The only that could calm her nerves was Black Ops call of duty 2 to sooth her headaches. Ariana never asked to be like this all she veered care about was her games. She grew up with them and she decides to die with them.


You will never see Ariana look up once unless she is at her friends houses. She is glued 24/7 to her games or games on her phone. One time she played subway surfers for a week and got a high score of 1,897,264,8763 in the world. She cheated actually everyone knows that the ninja runs the fastest. Ariana is sweet and caring and always will listen to you if you have a problem. She has good heart made out of a Xbox. 

High Scores and Break UpsEdit

Ariana holds the high scores of Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Go, Candy Crush, Pet Recue, and on and on. I think you get the point. She has a lot of free time in her life. Every guy Ariana has gone out with always end up dumping her because of her obsession with her game. Honestly Ariana doesn't care who breaks up with her or not. Usually she doesn't even pay attention to them when they say it's over all she says is ok or whatever. She is currently with Craig.